We’re a Different Kind of IT Service Provider

Meet Our Leadership


Shayne Sivley brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and vision to the Atom Creek team.
Shayne has been actively engaged in the IT industry since 1998. In that time Shayne has garnered a commanding list of qualifications and training that include certifications from Palo Alto Networks, Brocade, and Aruba. Though Shayne has an all-around expansive knowledge of Information Technology, his fluency and expertise lies in Network and Security.

Pursuing an interest and passion he discovered for IT infrastructure in high school, Shayne began his career in IT as a Systems Engineer. In 2008 Shayne founded Atom Creek with a mission to assist, mentor, and empower businesses through his knowledge of this ever growing, always changing industry.

Shayne’s primary vision of aligning a company’s IT needs with their business goals drives Atom Creek’s company mission.


Bringing his knowledge and expertise as a well versed Systems and Storage Engineer, Dave Clipp joined Atom Creek in 2009.

Dave entered into the field of IT as a way to grow personally and professionally while staying continually challenged. Dave has a vast knowledge of system environments, both physical and virtual. Dave brings to Atom Creek a forward thinking approach to data storage, backup, and recovery while utilizing the very latest in IT technology and solutions. Dave currently holds various certifications from IBM, VMWare, and Brocade.

Dave is passionate about leveraging technology to empower a business to succeed. He’s always more than willing to take time out to discuss any area of development or technical opportunity to improve a business’s potential.


As head of the Managed Services team at Atom Creek, Jonathan brings a deep understanding of how managed services acts as a backbone for any business in the 21st century.

Jonathan started his career in Information Technology in 2000. With a primary focus on network operations monitoring and management, Jonathan has excelled in various roles spanning many different environments.

With his continual interest for technology, Jonathan understands managed services is a demanding and dynamic component of any business infrastructure. From onsite and remote support, to patch management and network surveillance, Jonathan maintains this group’s focus on the many different levels of operational support. The end result is a very stable and reliable user experience.

A big picture thinker with a passion for working with and mentoring colleagues, Jonathan thrives in the collaborative environment of Atom Creek.

Meet Our Bots

Protective and friendly to our customers and partners. Vicious and aggressive against threats. The Atom Creek robots each hold specialties that are unique to their field of expertise. Get to know them, learn to love them.

codename: MERCURY 14

specialty: aero assault

focus: systems & virtualization

codename: gadget

specialty: paragon blaster

focus: network & security

codename: artemis-t

specialty: ultimate reactor

focus: managed services